Products & Solutions

Interkine has an extensive know-how in different transmission technologies and offer reliable products, innovative solutions and active support that adds value to your company. With Interkine as your partner you’ll never have to worry about downtime.

Standard Slip rings

Looking for cost efficiency or high quantity? Keeping it simple and useful are our primary orientations. Therefor we offer standard slip rings that are constructed to handle continuous and intermittent rotations while transmitting power, high speed signals and data.

For higher rotation speeds we use special combinations of alloys, guaranteeing the best transmissions in tough commercial, military and industrial environments. We can supply standard slip rings in sizes from 10 centimeters up to 7 meters.

Special Slip rings

Need a special solution? When you are in the need of a custom design or a slip ring that must work under unique conditions, we can supply customized slip rings and adapt special solutions for each project. We collaborate with large modern factories that produce standard products at high volumes as well as exclusive customizations.

If required, we’ll assist in determining the specification for your system. Our Special Slip rings are cost efficient and perfect for the one who already knows what they are looking for.

Contacting Slip Rings

Contacting Slipring

With a contacting transmission technology, power and signals are transmitted from the stationary to the rotating part through sliding contacts.

The sliding contacts can be made of gold wires and/or graphite brushes that are sliding alongside spinning tracks mounted on the shaft. The tracks are made of a suitable alloy with an electroplated surface.

The distances between tracks are dimensioned to comply with requirements and to ensure the insulation in aspect to air and creepage. Meanwhile, the dimension of each track are also optimized to the corresponding transmission which is especially important with higher currents or voltages in order to manage the insulation and generated heat energy.
Non-Contacting Slip Rings
The non-contacting technologies are designed to meet the increasing requirements of higher data rates. For those occasions where a contacting technology is not suitable, Interkine can help you develop concepts and find competitive technical solutions.

If an increase amount of data channels in the system is needed, the passive rotary joints can also be equipped with multiplexers for additional virtual channels.

We offer inductive options for power as well as capacitive and optical solutions. Depending on your requirements and transmission protocols, Interkine work with several other solutions such as fiber optic rotary joints – passive, bidirectional and unaffected by EMI, EMP and ESD.

We also offer solutions in optical data transmission for on-axis and off-axis with fiber optic rotary joints with glass or plastic optical fiber.

Non Contacting Slipring

Swivels – Slip Rings for Liquid


Swivels for liquid medias is also something we can help you with. This is a technical solutions for rotary joints working in liquid such as coolants, water, oil and in gas.

We can also combine the media rotary joints with other transmissions systems and provide hybrid systems.

Our swivels are designed to meet the demands required in rough environments all over the world.

Typically our swivels permit the continuous delivery of hydraulic fluids, fiber optic, power and electrical signals with unlimited freedom.

Add-ons & Extras

We only use parts from Original Equipment Manufacturers and all repair services and refurbishments are performed by trained technicians.

With our knowledge and support you get the assistance you need in selecting the suitable components.

We only work with components and add-ons that provide high performance to your operations and solutions.

Spare Parts & Components

Once in a while all machines need spare parts and new components. So does Swivels and Slip Rings.

We offer tailored programs when your systems are in the need of maintenance, repair and upgrades. We also perform refurbishment of slip rings – from our own producers as well as others.

With Interkine as your partner you’ll never have to worry about downtime.