Who we are

Interkine is working as a INTERmediate
for solutions in KINEtic Movement.
We are the link between clients and suppliers.

We are known to always mediate in order to achieve the best suited customized solutions and requirements.

Who we are

We are a Scandinavian, technology driven trading company working with high-tech transmission systems and solutions for Kinetec Motion.

Interkine is a curious team with an open-minded mindset towards new business opportunities, cultures and people. We are driven by improvements and fun.

At Interkine we are like a family – everyone shares the attitude that if things go well for our partners, it will go well for the company. We seek liaisons with key personnel within the different sectors where we act.

Where we are

Our main office is located in Sweden but we work world wide with a platform that translates with ease between any language, country or sector.

We act with flexibility and if prefered, we play an active role in development and concept phases to offer both innovative and technical solutions in a cost-effective manner.

At Interkine we concentrate on solutions involving contacting and non-contacting transmission between static and moving parts that demand technical application expertise and customized solutions.

How we do it

Interkine’s business concept is to create new opportunities by using our international network and link appropriate customers and suppliers together. We add value through technical expertise and by improving products and solutions.

Through our partners, we can offer transmission products, subsystems, refurbishments and solutions that meet our customers’ needs at the best possible level.

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Our Principles

The key factor for our success is trust and close relations with all our partners and stakeholders. We are a business family with a transparent business climate and strive to have open and straight dialogues. The openness is also connected with confidence in both parts that leads to a joint success.

Best suited solutions
We can help you achieve great results by providing the best suited solutions and customized services in the field of engineering, project design, assembly and project management.

These principles guide us every day and create the corporate culture that drives us to be a successful team for all our stakeholders.


Our Knowledge breeds Success

Our close and long term relationships with our partners and stakeholders has taught us a lot. We always strive towards having a straight forward and open dialogue to best supply and support our clients needs and requests.

By understanding our customers and suppliers conditions, as well as the technical complexity of the systems we achieve great results.

Interkine ensures a seamless project progress by listening to involved parties and escorts them throughout development stages, design reviews, production and after sale support.

Since we’re a flexible organization with quick-thinking and innovative employees, we quickly recognize new business opportunities and make the effort to build positions in selected and well-defined niches with high knowledge and technology content.

With product management we simplify the process and mediate between all involved parties.

Our involvement in various high-tech sectors has earned its reputation as a reliable partner that develops long-term relationships with its supplier and customers.

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For any further questions on how we can help our company, don’t hesitate to contact us.
Give us a call on +46 70 603 51 21 if you have any questions or just want to talk.

For, additional contact information and address, please refer to our contact page.