What we do

Interkine is a reliable partner with a can-do attitude. With our clients varying needs, we offer flexible solutions. Our versatile products are covering different business areas with ease, therefor our ability to meet our costumers’ expectations is what makes Interkine a primary choice in any project.

Custom Made

Our rotating signal transmission systems are based on gold wires and gold plated tracks. For higher rotation speeds we use special combinations.

The alloys we use, guarantees the best results for transmission of high speed signals and data. Depending on requirements, we can supply slip rings in sizes from 10 cm up to 7 meters!

Cost efficient

We can supply customized slip rings and deliver special solutions for each project. We also work with modern factories located in China that produce standard products at high volumes.

If required, we will assist you in determining the specification for your system. Our standard solutions are cost efficient and perfect for the one already knowing what they are looking for.


We have very experienced engineers who can find solutions to most problems. We refurbish and repair all types of rotary joints, brush holders and related components.

With our broad technical expertise we use reverse engineering to redesign worn parts and thereby prolong the life-time of your system.

Our areas of Expertiese

Interkine adds value to both suppliers and customers through our know-­how in different transmission technologies, solutions as well as our widespread international network.

Our main expertise are in Technical applications that demand expertise and customized solutions, as well as solutions for contacting and non-­contacting transmissions between static and moving parts.

You can find our products and solutions in high-performance systems control such as aircrafts, satellites, radars, industrial machinery, wind energy, medical equipment and marine applications.

Business Areas

What are Slip Rings?

A Slip Ring is an electrical connector that transfers power and electrical signals to a rotating structure from a stationary one. It is used when energy must flow between two electrical rotating parts with an unlimited number of rotations.

Some examples of usage might be in a motor, a wind turbine, a radar or a centrifuge.

How does Slip Rings work?

Slip rings can be contacting and non-contacting. The construction and format varies depending on which kind is used.

As the metal ring turns, the electrical power or signal, is conducted from the stationary unit on to the rotating unit through the metal ring making the connection.

When transferring fluids and pressured air a so called Swivel is used.

Do I need a Slip Ring?

There are many occations where a Slip Ring might be of use.

Interkine plays an active role in the development and concept phases. We also offer innovative and technical solutions in a cost-effective manner.

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